Robin Williams – Rest In Peace



News has filtered through the last six hours or so that Actor and Comedian Robin Williams died last night with a suspected suicide.

This news has been greeted with a sense of tragic lose not only to his family and friends but also the industry that he worked in, his fans and the world as a hole.

It seems that over the last few years he has publicly spoke of his depression and that he turned to alcohol in a effort to deal with it.

Robin is famous for his many roles over the years including the four year running of the show Mork and Mindy which stopped airing in 1982.

He broke through in Hollywood in 1987 with his role in the film Good Morning, Vietnam which earned him a nomination for an Academy Award. Further nominations came in the form of Dead Poets Society (1989) and The Fisher King in 1991.

He went on go get an Oscar for the 1997 drama Good Will Hunting.

Disney picked up with him in 1992 with voice overs in Aladdin and Fern Gully.

Williams’ most famous role though which won him one of his three Golden Globes was his leading role in Mrs Doubtfire in 1993. Fans will be sad to hear that was due to star in a sequel.

In July this year Williams was back in Rehab after his spokeswoman quoting he was battling severe depression.  Weeks later he has been found dead of a suspected suicide in his home in Marin Country, California.

Depression is a serious health issue and anyone who thinks they or someone around them is suffering, maybe in silence, should seek medical help. If one thing to come out of this untimely death then Williams would surely want to get the message out there about the condition as he himself was so open about it.


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