End of career for Ched Evans?

It has now been a couple of months since convicted rapist Ched Evans was released from prison and the number of clubs in the running for him seem to increasing daily.

However other factors seem to be getting in the way for this lad to rehabilitate his life and career.

Firstly his club when he was convicted Sheffield United turned their back on him after an out cry and people resigning from their positions at the club. Then came bottom of the football league Hartlepool who then changed their minds due to public pressure.

From then what I can recall a couple of other clubs talked about taking him on until recently Maltese top flight side Hibernians said they wanted to sign the Welsh forward. This was then scuppered rather quickly by the Ministry of Justice by declaring Ched couldn’t find employment abroad due to their safety measures when it comes to convicted rapists and keeping the public safe.

Now there is a petition going around trying to stop Oldham Athletic from signing him.

So just where exactly is this 26 year old supposed to play or just in general work? I’m not condoning the events from that night in a hotel room and believe that some people have to much to soon and they let things make them stupid.

Though I do believe that Ched has served his time and is generally sorry for the events and his actions and for the sake of his family and himself should be able to blend back into society. I also wonder what the thoughts are of his home town club giving him a shot? It would be a massive step done but also a chance for him to gain some match time and fitness while the rest of the football world works out if they want him.


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