Could old hotel land be used better for Rhyl?

It seems now that CADW has given the green light for the demolition of the Grange Hotel in Rhyl after years of being an eyesore on the sea front since the fire that engulfed it in 2008.

This news will now hopefully bring an end to the uncertainty of the land though many true Rhyl locals will shed a tear for this historic landmark.

The only issue with the plans that are being put forward for the land is that once again maybe the Denbighshire County Council and powers that be are missing the point.

Rhyl needs somewhere for the locals to go and also to bring the tourists in. The Grange used to be the place to stay for actors and the like with it being situated just across the road from the theatre.

If you look around Rhyl there is a lack of venues to hold functions. Many a wedding, christening and funeral were held in the Grange and when that went, along with places like the Marine further down the promenade, so did Rhyl’s reputation.

Surely the answer would be to use the land for a greater purpose than 44 apartments with 21 car parking spaces? The Marine is a prime example as to how a building was turned from a popular hotel/bar into apartments.

Rhyl is on the up. The Ocean Plaza will hopefully get moving sooner rather than later, the green space on Aquarium Street is coming along nicely and the town will also welcome a Premier Inn into the heart of the community when it’s built on the old Rosey O’Gradys/Honeyclub site.

This is not to mention the work on the train station and surrounding area to give people a good first impression of the town.


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