Robin Hood comes to Rhyl!

Audiences young and old will be in a quiver this Easter as Robin Hood & ‘big’ John return to Rhyl.

Join the hero Robin Hood, played by CITV’s Hi-5 Chris Edgerley, as he puts right the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham who rules over the good people of Sherwood, collecting taxes to pay for his own evil plans. Silly Willy Scarlet, played by the hilarious Tom Swift, is eager to help and join the Merry Men, Britain’s Got Talent comedy impressionist Philip Green as Little John, and from Harry Potter and Channel 4 Seven Dwarfs Josh Bennett as Big John.

The auditions for ‘Sherwoods Got Talent’ are the perfect distraction as the Sheriff kidnaps Maid Marian. Will Robin Hood and his very Merry Men be able to rescue her in time?  Join the gang and enjoy this adventurous Easter Pantomime with laugh-a-minute jokes, animated projections, spectacular effects, and a collection of toe tapping, original, sing-a-long songs designed for the whole family.

Wicked Productions has joined forces with Captiv8 Productions to create this new belly-laughing comedy. CITV’s Hi-5 presenter Chris Edgerley in the title role of Robin Hood said “I am so excited to be returning to Rhyl for my third time. I loved it when I was here Christmas panto 2013/14 to play Aladdin, and then also was here Easter 2014 as the Tin Man! The audiences and theatre staff here are always the best, and my favourite! It’s a home away from home, and I look forward to seeing some familiar faces in the audience. Robin Hood is a great Easter panto, and a real hoot for all the family.”

Also returning is Channel 4’s Seven Dwarfs Josh Bennett who was in Snow White at The Pavilion Christmas 2014/15. Josh said “I am extremely excited to be coming back to Rhyl this time with Robin Hood. It will be a great start to your Easter break. I look forward to seeing you there”.

Robin Hood plays at Rhyl Pavilion Theatre on Monday 30 March (7pm) and Tuesday 31 March (2pm & 5pm). Tickets range from £10.50 – £14.



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