Spirit of Karen Carpenter lives on with Toni Lee


Having been brought up to the music of Karen and Richard Carpenter We’ve Only just Begun brings back the memories of growing up not just for myself but also for everyone else in the audience at Rhyl Pavilion Theatre last night.

Toni Lee stars as the main lady herself, Karen, and is accompanied by an eight piece big band that opens the show with ‘Karen’s Theme’.

Set one brings the hits of ‘All You Get From Love Is A Love Song’, ‘Only Yesterday’, ‘Masquerade’ and The Beatles cover ‘Ticket To Ride’. The set also includes the title for the show ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’.

Throughout the songs the audience participation was clear as the waved their arms and swayed from side to side. There also were a few singers that joined in as Toni, with the audio visuals, brought make to life the amazing voice of Karen Carpenter.

After the interval Toni came out to the uplifting ‘Mr Postman’ then went through all the emotions of The Carpenters finest Love Songs ‘I Won’t Last a Day Without You’, ‘Rainy Days And Mondays’, ‘There’s A Kind Of Hush’ and ‘I Need To Be In Love’.

The second set also provided the audience with the sad story of Karen as she battled her demons with an eating disorder and how she died at the young age of only 32.

For the en core Toni sings out the classic ‘Calling Occupants’ and received a well deserved standing ovation from the crowd that was clear to see thoroughly enjoyed the evening.


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