Rhythm of the Dance showcases Ireland at its best at Rhyl Pavilion

Monday night saw an evening of Gaelic dancing and music as Rhythm of the Dance came to Rhyl Pavilion theatre.

From the creation of Rhythm of the Dance in 1998 the show has toured consistently internationally and is achieving greater critical acclaim year after year and this show lived up to its bill.

With a wonderful and highly gifted young cast of dancers and musicians, the show brings to life the history of Irish Step Dance.

Act One starts the show by displaying the traditional dance and beat to Ireland and it’s dancing and music. The dancers are accompanied on stage by the Irish band and what a band they are!

Showcasing their talent between them they play Guitar, the Accordion, Irish Flute, The Bodhran and Uilleann Pipes (Irish Bag pipes). Each instrument bring a different sound to the show and gives full flavour of Irelands unique heritage.

The act finishes with the start of the countries people moving over to America, most famously New York, after the potato famine in 1849 and finding new ways to embrace with their music by fusing their traditional style with a diverse sound of their new homeland.

The twenty minute interval flew by reading the programme that was filled with information and pictures about the show.

Act Two brought to the stage this new Irish sound and also included songs such as ‘Danny Boy’ and ‘Whisky In The Jar’. It also brought swing as not only did the Irish land in places such as Boston and New York at the time of immigration, the ports of Savannah and New Orleans also saw them flood in.

The dancers and musicians throughout the show were floorless and Rhythm of the Dance has to be one of the best dance shows on tour in the country, if not the world and was a massive hit for the Rhyl Pavilion audience.

A special mention for the evening also goes to the lighting and set producers. Both elements set the tone for the show.

Rhythm of the Dance blends the principle forms of Irish dance Step, Set, Old style and Sean-nos, re-invented and reworked magically to deliver a passionate display and a beat for which Rhythm of the Dance is world famed for.

For more information on the show by The National Dance Company of Ireland you can go to their website at http://www.rhythmofthedance.com


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