Full On Fox Tour a huge success for Basil Brush at Venue Cymru, North Wales

Last week saw one of Britain’s finest children’s entertainers come to Llandudno, North Wales. None other than the fantastic Fox himself Mr Basil Brush.

Having grown up watching Basil as a child it was nice to take along my eldest daughter, who is 6 years old, to see his new show The Full On Fox Tour.

The show is split into two parts with a handy interval to grab a drink and an ice cream with the first half telling the story of how the evil fox who wanted Basil’s job wants to cancel the show.

With the help of Mr Stevens, played by Chris Pizzey, they tell the story of Basil going into space and with the help of two volunteers from the audience they manage to catch the asteroids to stop the impending doom.

The second half of the show tells the second story of Basil being a version of Sherlock Holmes while Mr Stevens plays a various amount of roles by swapping hats in quick fashion.

The show was a huge success with the audience, young and old (even saw some grandparents joining in with the fun), thoroughly enjoying themselves even with Mr Stevens running round them shooting them with a water gun.

Basil Brush has come a long way since his birth in the 1960’s and is keeping fully up to date with audiences with having his own website basilbrush.com and a youtube channel ‘Basil Brush Official’.

He also has a social media presence on Twitter @realbasilbrush along with Mr Stevens @ChrisPizzey.

If you get chance to catch this show while it continues its tour then why not take your children and let them be entertained by this wonderful cheeky Fox while you enjoy some childhood memories of your own.


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