Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap thrills Venue Cymru

Agatha Christie’s longest running West End production of the murder mystery The Mousetrap has arrived in Venue Cymru, Llandudno this week to rave reviews.

Louise Jameson stars as Mrs Boyle in the record-breaking 60th anniversary tour of The Mousetrap. Jameson is best well-known for her long-running roles as Leela, a companion of Tom Baker’s Doctor in Doctor Who, Susan Young in Bergerac¸ Eleanor Glasson in Doc Martin, and Rosa di Marco in EastEnders.

Her portrayal of the Mrs Boyle is fantastic with wonderful acting throughout the shows bringing great humour to the show.

Jameson said about the role: “I thought about doing something special for my 65th birthday in 2016. Just how did I get to be 65?  The same way The Mousetrap has run for nearly that length of time I suppose, just second by second time has ticked away we’ve both lasted this long,  and so we’ll be celebrating together. That’s quite special.”

At the start of the show the audience are welcomed to a wonderful set of Monkswell Manor, which has been recently converted to a guesthouse and run by a recently married couple of only 12 months, Mollie and Giles Ralston.

The roles of Mollie and Giles are played by Anna Andresen and Nick Barclay who show great chemistry between each other.

While waiting for the guests to arrive, Mollie listens to a radio report about a murder which had happened in London that day, which notes that police are looking for a man in a dark overcoat, light coloured scarf and a hat observed near the scene.

The audience are then introduced to the four guests that are going to be staying within the guest house.

Christopher Wren is an unkempt, flighty young man. Wren is played by Oliver Gully who plays the role of this somewhat childish character wonderfully well. Giles reacts strongly to Wren with instant dislike and Mollie with instinctual trust.

Mrs Boyle and Major Metcalf then arrive together in a taxi from the station. Tony Boncza, famous for his roles in Hotel Babylon, The Royals and The Inspector Lynsey Mysteries to name but three plays the role of the Major. This is Boncza’s third stint in the The Mousetrap having previously played the part of Sgt Trotter 25 years ago.

Miss Casewell, a mannish young woman, is the last of the booked guests to arrive is played by Amy Downham. Downham has experience in television playing the role of Margaret Cowie in Eastenders and is also no stranger to the stage either. She brings a wonderful enthusiasm to the role.

Then an unexpected fifth party appears. Identifying himself in a foreign accent as Mr Paravicini, played by Gregory Cox. Cox showed a great knowledge of the role having played the same character in the 2013 production in St Martin’s.

He tells the Ralston’s his car had overturned in a snowdrift. Remarking that the snow has blocked the roads and that the denizens of the house are trapped. Uneasy about Paravicini’s manner, Mollie nevertheless places him in the last remaining room available.

The next afternoon the guest house proves to be snowed in, and the residents are restless. Mollie answers the telephone to the Berkshire Police. They  tell her that they are dispatching a Sergeant Trotter to the guest house, and that the Ralstons must listen carefully to what Trotter has to tell them. The Ralstons wonder what they could have done to garner police attention.

Trotter appears at the window on a pair of skis and Major Metcalf discovers that the phone has stopped working. Trotter is played by Lewis Collier who brings a brilliant performance to the character.

At the end of the show Sgt Trotter asks the audience to not tell the outcome of the play to anyone outside the theatre to keep the suspense for future audiences.

So if you want to know who the murderer is and who done it then you will have to visit Venue Cymru this week to watch this fantastic and enthralling performance of an classic Agetha Christie.

Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap has been the world’s longest running stage production at its London home since breaking the record in 1958 and recently celebrated its 26,000th performance. The 60th Anniversary – and first ever – UK tour of this beloved murder mystery is approaching 1000 performances and has now been seen by nearly 1 million people, having broken box office records in many of its tour venues.

You can book tickets for this smash hit murder mystery by calling Venue Cymru on 01492 872000, calling into the box office itself or going online at


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