Cutloose while Footloose is in North Wales

Monday night saw the opening evening of the smash hit musical Footloose at Venue Cymru, North Wales.

Based on the 1980’s smash hit film of the same name which took the world by storm, Footloose The Musical sizzles with the same spirit of youth, rebellion and romance.

City boy Ren (Joshua Dowen) thinks his life is over when he is forced to move to Bomont from Chicago. Things are worse though than he expected as the town has banned dancing. It’s not long before Ren can’t resist to break the rules and he is closely followed behind.

During the show Ren finds romance in Ariel, the town Reverends daughter. Ariel is played by Hannah Price. The two actors bring their characters to life and bring a fantastic chemistry to the stage between them with their youthful energy.

Maureen Nolan plays the part of Viv Moore, the Reverends wife, and the Principal Clark. Having last seen Maureen in Blood Brothers it is always a pleasure to watch her on stage and enjoy her solo songs which highlight the fantastic voice she has.

Gareth Gates, famous for being the runner up in the first series of Pop Idol, plays the part of Willard and brings a wonderful act of comedy to the show. He also gets the ladies in the audiences hearts a flutter when he is stripped down to just a pair of shorts showing off a well-kept physique.

Not only can the cast act to bring the show to life they also play most, if not all the instruments, on stage. Reuven Gershon (Rev Shaw Moore) playing the lead and rhythm guitar and Lindsay Goodhand (Ethel/Coach Dunbar) playing the flute and clarinet are just two of the stand out performers.

The show is at Venue Cymru, Llandudno until Saturday night and I highly recommend going to see the show as it’s a really uplifting and thrilling show with plenty to cheer about.

You can book tickets through the usual sources via the website, by phone on 01492 872000 or by going to the Box Office situated in the theatre itself.

There is also a special offer to see Footloose via Travelzoo. The offers gives you 62% off a price so you are only paying £15 each.


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